Zach Krage


My name is Zach Krage, and I am the Secondary I learning leader here at Riverway Learning Community.  This is my fifth year at Riverway and my fourth year in the Secondary.  Soon after graduating from Winona State University where I received my teaching license, I started my career at RLC as a paraprofessional in the Elementary I classroom.  The following year I accepted the position as the SI learning leader.

I, like all the learning leaders here at Riverway, wear many hats.  I teach three sections of English to grades seven through twelve.  I facilitate project-based learning at the Secondary I level.  I also facilitate a daily literature circle.  In past years I have served on the RLC Board of Directors and have taught art, guitar, and physical education. 

Outside of school, I lead a very active life.  I live in Winona with my wife, Lindsay, and my son, Julian, and we spend a lot of time remodeling our 125 year old home.  My favorite activities are reading books in hammocks, skateboarding, playing guitar, riding bicycles and vintage motorcycles, and vacationing with the fam. 

I enjoy learning new things, and I believe that students should be lifelong learners who strive to always better themselves and the world around them.   At the Secondary I level, our goal is to lay the foundations that students can build upon in their future as self-driven learners.