Leslie Lehnertz

Hello, my name is Leslie Lehnertz and this year marks my Sixteenth year at Riverway Learning Community.  I have held many positions over the years, but currently I am the Secondary Leader of Teaching and Learning and the Lead math instructor for Secondary 7th through 12th grades.

I graduated from Idaho State University with an Honors degree in Biology and I have a Secondary Teaching License in Life Science from Winona State University.

I am originally from Idaho, but have lived in Winona for the past twenty years. I love spending time in nature: biking, hiking and kayaking. 

I am very passionate about the educational opportunities that we provide at Riverway Learning Community. I believe that we have a unique opportunity to build strong relationships with students and their families. We have the ability to create educational opportunities that are second to none, our environmental focus and project based learning, combined with direct instruction in core subjects allows us to individualize each students learning potential.  

It is the secondary staff’s goal to ensure that each student at Riverway receive a good, quality educations that will prepare them college or the workforce!

Intelligence plus character-that is the true goal of education. Martin Luther King Jr.