Patrick Sheedy

I joined the Riverway Learning Community in 2012 but currently reside in Rochester with my wife of 20 years and my 13 year old daughter. My educational background, teaching experience, and administrative focus have uniquely prepared me for this challenging leadership position.  

My formal education includes an undergraduate degree in Environmental Conservation from the University of Colorado, a graduate degree in English Linguistics form the University of Wisconsin, and a Multi-level Montessori Administrator Credential from the Center for Montessori Teacher Education in New York. I feel fortunate to have developed myself in these broad areas, each of which has helped define my philosophical perspective on educational leadership.  

My teaching experience is as broad as my education and I have been fortunate to work with children, teenagers, and adults in a wide range of settings. My first teaching experience was as a visiting professor at Yan’an University in Shannxi, China where I taught English Literature and Linguistics.  Many years later I moved to Mexico where I held a number of positions, starting with teaching first grade in a full English immersion program and culminating with English Language classes and Teacher Training.  More recently, I’ve done work for the Diversity Council in Rochester giving Diversity and Inclusion workshops in schools, government agencies, and private businesses. This breadth of experience allowed me to develop a comprehensive understanding of the human developmental continuum.  

I began my administrative career in Mexico as an English Language Department coordinator at an international cultural center where I coordinated courses for local and state governments as well as for several multinational corporations. From there I was promoted to assistant director and then to Director. I was honored when I was recruited for a position as General Director at an international school near Mexico City which served preK-12 children, a position I held for four years. Upon returning to the United States I served as the Executive Director of the Rochester Montessori School for eight years.

In my current role at Riverway, I am committed to drawing upon my background to positively contribute to the community. What I am most excited about is working with the high quality of staff that here at Riverway to serve the students of the Winona area.  Never in my 20+ years in education have I worked with such a unified group of dedicated and talented individuals. Together we intend to push the boundaries of what a Charter School can be.