Secondary Language Arts

Lora Hill Aeliot

My name is Lora Hill Aeliot, and I have been fortunate enough to be a Learner/Leader with young people for 16 years.

I started off at Riverway Learning Community and worked there for three years as a Learning Leader in Primary I. Our little class explored the Mississippi River, traveled to Lake Itaska, wrote and performed plays. Now those children are parents with children of their own.

After teaching at Riverway Learning Community, I brought authentic project-based learning, home visits, and performance to WAPS and was able to work with more thoughtful young people. Students and I won awards for the powerful work we did together. However, after 12 years and with great sadness, I decided to take a two-year sabbatical. I spent the last two years soul-searching and studying and earned a Masters In Compassionate Schools and Communities and pondered concepts related to education: Deep Ecology, Deep Education, Deep Equity, the impact of trauma on students, and ways to reach ALL children. It was then that I decided to return to my roots: Riverway Learning Community.

It is my intention to continue to tradition of the Founders of Riverway of authenticity, deep education, community, and connection. I look forward to the possibilities of this year. Secondary I students at the Open House on August 22, 2019, indicated that they are very interested in performance art, and our first project is underway. Look for details!