Special Education

Welcome to the Special Education Department at Riverway Learning Community! As a MN public charter school, Riverway Learning Community follows the policies outlined in state and federal regulations for providing special education and related services to eligible students who are enrolled at our school. Special education services are provided to Riverway students on an individualized basis through a collaborative team process driven by IEP team decisions.

Riverway offers a spectrum of special education programs and services to students in pre-kindergarten through grade 12. The goal of the Special Education Department is to provide a free and appropriate public education for students with disabilities by collaborating with general education and related service providers to deliver a continuum of services in the least restrictive and most inclusive environment. To receive special education services, students must have a disability according to MN state criteria and be in need of special education to be eligible for services. Once qualified, an Individual Education Plan (IEP) is developed for the student. The IEP outlines the unique needs of the student, specialized goals and objectives, services, and adaptations that support the student to make educational progress. Parents and/or guardians are critical partners in every phase of identifying a student for special education and in establishing the IEP.

Special Education and related services are provided in a variety of settings at Riverway Learning Community. Because of the small school community and focus on an integrated curriculum that connects learning to life through individual learning plans reflecting learning styles for all students, often student’s special education needs can be served in the general education classroom. Riverway is committed to creating the conditions for all students receiving special education services to succeed by offering high-quality services and by working closely with families to determine the best plan of action for each student. In order to meet the needs of students who require more involved and intensive services, Riverway Learning Community partners with resident school districts, other agencies or districts, and the family to identify appropriate programming to access.

If you have questions about special education programming at Riverway Learning Community, please contact Janine Stanton, Special Education Lead Teacher at jstanton@riverwaylearningcommunity.org

The district’s Total Special Education System Plan (TSES Plan) is available upon request. The Riverway Learning Community TSES is in accordance with Minnesota Rule 3525.1100 and federal requirements pertaining to districts’ special education responsibilities.

SPED Staff


Emily Peterson

Special Education Director

Riverway Learning Community Staff Janine Stanton

Janine Stanton

Special Education Coordinator / Primary Special Education Learning Leader


Beth Weyl

Secondary Special Education

Learning Leader


Mike O’Brien Britton

Secondary Special Education

Learning Leader


Jeri Harper

Primary Special Education Learning Leader


Gayle Reuvers

School Psychologist


Kaitlin Sisson

Speech & Language Pathologist

Riverway Learning Community Laura Kreidermacher

Laura Kreidermacher

Primary Special Education Assistant

Riverway Learning Community Jamie Harper

Jamie Harper

Secondary Special Education Assistant

Riverway Learning Community Barb Kwolik

Barb Kwolik

Secondary Special Education Assistant


Catherine Schmidt

Secondary Special Education Assistant/ Reading Intervention Specialist


Bill Crozier

Secondary Special Education Assistant


Hunter Dunbar

Secondary Special Education Assistant


Sheronne Mulry

Primary Special Education Assistant

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