Riverway Learning Community is a charter public school and is therefore open to all students. Importantly, we have unique programs that define who and what we are, so it is important that families not only want an alternative to the local district but specifically want the kind of education we provide.

Our Distinguishing Characteristics

  • PreK-12th Grade

  • Small Size – maximum capacity of 130 students

  • 1:5 Staff-to-Student Ratio

  • In-House Food Service – many “cooked from scratch” items on the menu

  • Transportation Service – Riverway has prioritized transportation

  • Community as Classroom – Riverway students take a lot of field trips to get out into the community for learning experiences.

  • Inclusive Special Education

  • School Meetings – All students and staff meet weekly at a Monday Morning Meeting.

  • Environmental Education – helping students develop a sense of environmental awareness.

  • Tuesday Afterschool Activities – activities including canoeing; hiking; biking; Mind, Body, Spirit; Art; Wall Ball; Carpet Bowling; Role Playing Games; and Do-It-Yourself.

  • Thursday Afterschool Academic Support – All staff are on deck ready to help during this support time.