Riverway Learning Community, is a Minnesota Charter Public School and has several distinguishing characteristics.

  • PreK-12th Grade
  • Small Size - maximum capacity of 130 students
  • 1:5 Staff-to-Student Ratio
  • In-House Food Service - many "cooked from scratch" items on the menu
  • Transportation Service - Riverway has prioritized transportation
  • Community as Classroom - Riverway students take a lot of field trips to get out into the community for learning experiences.
  • Inclusive Special Education
  • School Meetings - All students and staff meet weekly at a Monday Morning Meeting.
  • Environmental Education - helping students develop a sense of environmental awareness.
  • Tuesday Afterschool Activities - activities including canoeing; hiking; biking; Mind, Body, Spirit; Art; Wall Ball; Carpet Bowling; Role Playing Games; and Do-It-Yourself.
  • Thursday Afterschool Academic Support - All staff are on deck ready to help during this support time.

Winona Area Chamber of Commerce, Inc.

1733 Service Drive, Suite 18, Winona, MN 55987Phone: 507-474-6120 Fax: 507-474-6190

email: riverway@riverwaylearningcommunity.org